The very name evokes the impression of freshness:  a fine yellow reminding of the aroma of yellow lemons (from Latin "citrus" = lemon). 

Often Citrine is also called “Topaz“, but this is never the correct name, no matter whether additional modifiers such as “Golden”, “Palmeira” or “Madeira“ are used or not. Like for example also Amethyst and Rock Crystal, Citrine does belong to the quartz group considered from a mineralogical angle.

Most of the Citrines available on the market result from suitable Amethysts or Smokey Quartzes having been heated to about 400°C to 550°Centigrade. The complete spectrum of colours offered by heat-treated Brazilian stones ranges from pale yellow to reddish brown. Top qualities even turn a brilliant orange colour.

Naturally coloured Citrines are generally rare and most of them show pale colouring only. The main occurrences where these stones are found are situated in certain regions of Brazil and on Madagascar.

The firm of Wolfgang Wagner have followed the trend which developed in the past few years, and have considerably expanded their stocks of Citrines in various shapes and forms. From smaller calibrated stones to big and sensational individual stones in absolute top qualities: all items may be delivered within short time.
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