Probably the most artistic kind of creativity practised at Wolfgang Wagner is the production of engraved sculptures. Experts skilled in that traditional art craft rough stones purchased in their respective countries of origin into complete or semi-three-dimensional engraved sculptures. 

The uniqueness of each individual object is inspired not only by the craftsmanship of the respective creator, but it also depends to a large extend on the artistic imagination and sensitivity to bring out the real character of the raw stone. The results of these abilities are small and large unique precious items showing a high quality of craftsmanship, which is clearly different from objects produced outside of Europe. 

Competence, imagination and experience are therefore characteristics from which the clients of Wolfgang Wagner may profit immediately: 

  • engraved flowers
  • engraved leaves
  • engraved zodiac signs
  • abstract engravings (free form)
  • sculptures
  • engraved animal sculptures 

Wolfgang Wagner - Edelsteinschleiferei
Grosse Trenk 13 - 55743 Idar-Oberstein
Telefon ++49 67 81 / 4 69 66 - Telefax ++49 67 81 / 4 29 53
Mail: wagner@farbedelsteine.de