The name Aquamarine is derived  from the Latin  words  „aqua“ = water and „mare“ = sea, thus indicating the colour of the seawater, blue and translucent. 

In the age of the Romans,  Aquamarine was a stone  taken along by sailors for protection on their travels – one of the reasons why Aquamarine is still considered a good-luck charm for sailors and travellers.

The most important Aquamarine occurrences are located in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria and the Zambia. Most sought after and  considered the most valuable are the  deep blue qualities without inclusions.

By long years of friendly relationships to people at the best-known Aquamarine occurrences, Wolfgang Wagner were able to continually  expand their stock of Aquamarines. Today at the House of Wolfgang Wagner you will be able to find an exceptionally wide range of Aquamarines in all sizes, shapes and qualities.

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