The name cannot be clearly explained. It is possible that it was derived from the Greek „peri” = extremely, especially and from “doter”= giver. Another name frequently in use in earlier times for Peridot and other similarly coloured gemstones is Chrysolith. In 1790, the mineralogy teachings suggested Olivine as the appropriate name due its olive-green colour.

The colour of Peridot is a brilliant green with a slight shade of yellowish green. The colour may be warm and shining, however, some specimen are yellow-green and brownish green or even brownish.

The most remarkable Peridot occurrence is situated in Pakistan, where large and beautiful crystals are found. Good quality material is also found in Birma and Kenya, also in Arizona and New Mexico.

By efficiently establishing good contacts in the countries of main occurrence, it has been possible for Wolfgang Wagner to purchase relatively large crystals. Expert craftsmanship turns these into brilliant green Peridots, cut in exceptionally good quality without inclusions.

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