The vast and manifold stock of gemstones maintained by the firm of Wolfgang Wagner provides the basis for a complete customer service enabling us to send out deliveries and consignments at very short notice, often within one day. 

Our continuous readiness to meet our customers’ wishes, to answer customers’ enquiries quickly, precisely and reliably with a high degree of professionalism, our dedication to be a reliable partner for all customers at any time: all this creates trust. It is this trust, which is absolutely necessary for a solid and permanent cooperation. 

At Wolfgang Wagner we offer our customers:

  • Repair-service
  • Special cutting 
  • Customised items according to your design 
  • Cooperation concerning goldsmith-work and setting 
  • Assistance with organising exhibitions and other sales promotion measures 
  • Gemmological information material 
  • Gemmological (not scientific) lectures on gemstones from the range of production (slide presentations possible) for a charge covering expenses only

Wolfgang Wagner - Edelsteinschleiferei
Grosse Trenk 13 - 55743 Idar-Oberstein
Telefon ++49 67 81 / 4 69 66 - Telefax ++49 67 81 / 4 29 53